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Who is Dr. Rosetta Stith?









Dr. Stith is a native and resident of Baltimore, Maryland.

As an educator and community activist for the past twenty years, she is known for her work in Baltimore’s urban communities.

Dr. “Ro” as she is affectionately called, has provided her unique insight into the real problems and issues affecting women, men, children, adolescents on a day-to-day basis.

Over the past decade, Dr. Ro has reached the people of her community through her television and radio programs to bring relevant, enlightening, educational, empowering and entertaining information. Her vehicle for providing this information has been “The Ro Show” on Comcast Cablevision (1994-2000), and “KidsTalk with Dr. Ro” on WEAA-FM radio at Morgan State University (2001-2004).

Her expertise in the public school system has earned her international recognition in over twenty five countries and members of the British Parliament.

She has also been featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times and Fortune 500 Magazine. She has also appeared on major network shows such as “Prime Time Live with Diane Sawyer”. Internationally, she has appeared on Danish, Dutch, German, French, Brazilian and Japanese television shows.

Dr. Ro has championed to help improve the lives of those without voice in Maryland, as well as the nation as a whole. The lives of thousands of adolescents in the inner city of Baltimore have been touched by Dr. Ro and she has also been an inspiration to others worldwide.

When you need to know, ask Dr. Ro!

Listen in to “The Ladies Lounge” this month as Dr. Ro focuses on Breast Cancer Awareness. Hear from medical specialists, survivors as well as learn about what resources are available to those affected.

“The Ladies Lounge” is sponsored in part by Maryland General Hospital.

For more information on their programs and services click the link below: Maryland General Hospital – It’s about our patients and the community


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