“When You Need To Know And Grow, Ask Dr. Ro!”

Rosetts Stith Photo by Irving Phillips Baltimore Sun 1990

Photo By Irving H. Phillips, Jr. at The Paquin School Kids’ Nursery

 The Baltimore Sun (October 12, 1990)   

‘THE DOC’ IS ON CALL: “Paquin School’s Rosetta Stith nurtures ‘her babies’ and their offspring,”

By Holly Selby

The Baltimore Sun (November 11, 1990)


Something about Rosetta Stith suggests determination, ego, passion and theatrics rolled into one — as though she were a Grand Dame of the Opera or a Shakespearean Actress.

And perhaps in another life she would be.

“My whole upbringing was to go into the theater.

My parents always thought I would be on stage,” she says with a sweeping gesture.

Almost all her gestures are.

Nonetheless, the West Baltimore native is neither diva nor actress.

She is in her 10th year as the principal of Baltimore’s Laurence G. Paquin Junior-Senior High School for pregnant teen-agers and new mothers.

The Paquin School is one of five in the United States featured in a National Education Association report, “Solutions That Work,” says Karen Bogart, a social psychologist in Great Falls, Va., who conducted the research.

“The Paquin model may be the school of the future,” Ms. Bogart says.

She cites as exemplary the on-site health clinic, its courses on family life and parenting and, most of all, its focus on one-to-one interaction.

And although life in a school office may seem a far cry from that on a stage, Ms. Stith says she is where she was meant to be.

“I am here because by nature I also am an elementary school teacher,” she says.

“I had a principal who once said: ‘You have flair. You are a teacher. You are a principal, too.’ “

Source: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1990-11-11/features/1990315185_1_paquin-stith-rosetta




Rosetta ‘Dr. Ro’ Stith is a leading expert who addresses contemporary and controversial issues challenging young girls, expectant and parenting mothers and average working women.

Through this Blog, Dr. Stith seeks to actively engage girls, mothers and women with timely, serious and helpful content to address their concerns and resolve their problems.

That’s timely and critical content not generally available in mainstream media.


Writing, producing, and distributing women centered content for radio, television, social media and online media.


CEO of Stith & Company, a women controlled multimedia group working in the fields of entertainment, communications, digital media, public relations, education consulting and management consulting.


Development of capacity to write, produce and distribute original content providing educational, public affairs and public reference information directed primarily to women in dire need of simple, informative, substantive and transformative “womb to tomb” information which addresses and to the extent feasable resolves their unique issues and concerns.


Dr. Stith worked professionally over 30 years as the Director of the Baltimore City Public School System’s Lawrence G. Paquin School for Expectant and Parenting Teenage Mothers, and the Director of City wide support services for those young women and other women.

As Director,  Dr. Stith also wrote, produced, and distributed content for print, radio and television media addressing the “womb to tomb” issues and problems of young women, and offering solutions and public service information to those women

Dr. Stith has over 20 years of varied media experiences which includes writing, producing and hosting radio and TV shows in her field.


Dr. Stith holds an undergraduate degree (Morgan State University); two graduate degrees (Johns Hopkins University); and, a doctoral degree (Temple University)  in education.

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