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GABBY DOUGLAS: DR. RO KNOWS: 16 year old African American gymnast, an American hero who made us proud, and an enduring and history making role model for young girls especially black girls to follow

Gabby Douglas

By: Dr. Rosetta Stith

Gabrielle Douglas, a young lady just 16 years of age  captured our hearts and made us  all proud of her as America’s golden girl.  She is the first African-American  to win the Women’s All Around Gymnastics Competition at  London’s 2012 Olympics.

She did not quit, even though she had  enough hardships to overcome in her young life, and other reasons to do so. However, she was driven and wanted to seize the moment, and wow did she do it! She is only one of three women to reach this level of Olympic success.

What is also phenomenal about ‘Gabby’, is that she is 16 years old, still in high school, and is now America’s Newest Golden Girl.

How will she handle of all the fame, media attention, upcoming endorsements and branding offers?

I think this new fame will not become a problem because of her strong bond with her mother, Natalie Hawkins, her  wonderful and supportive family, friends, and her outstanding gymnastic team ( “The Fabulous Five“), and her instructors who will make sure that she has whatever she needs  for her new life.

Her success has earned her ‘a bright light and a shining star’ and a path for other girls to follow.

For  her new life, I know it will be filled with lots of love, pride, success and well earned dignity.

My congratulatory words for her –

” Thank  You Gabby, And You Continue To Go Girl ! ”

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